How to play

Swipe to change direction and tap to jump. Collect Malllows and trade them to free your friends. Trivia Mode is the same as Arcade Mode but it features riddles and questions.

I lost all my characters, how can I get them back?

iOS: Open Settings on the title screen by pressing the gear icon. Then press Restore Purchases.

How do I unlock characters?

When you have 100 Mallows or more, press Win a Character. Or you can purchase characters directly for real money.

I won the same character twice?

The Fairy plops out Character Eggs randomly just like a toy vending machine. It comes down to luck!

Do some characters have special abilities?

No comment!

Why can't I see Video Ads?

Ads need an internet connection/wifi so make sure you are online.If you are on Android, try disabling any Ad Blockers you may have. Some times there is a limit on how many ads you can watch in 24hrs so just try again later.

The game has stopped working...

Oops! Stop the game from playing then turn your device on and off again. To reset your iPhone or iPad, please see

How can I contact you?

If you have any bugs, feedback or suggestions please contact us here link email or get us on Twitter @bigbadgameco.

I love Woodland Run!

We do too. Please take the time to leave us a review, it really helps us and will speed up the time it takes to add new characters and stuff.

I see 'No Data Available' when I try to access my Score or Achievements in Game Center.

On your device open Settings and go to Game Center. Click your username and logout then click it again to log back in. Once you're logged back in then Quit Woodland Run by double clicking the home icon and swiping up.