Woodland Run Press Kit

Whatland Who?

Game name: Woodland Run

Platforms: iOS and Android

Genre: Arcade

Release Date: August 2017

Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Gaelige

Rating: PEGI 3, ESRB Everyone, 9+

Developers: Abban Dunne and Bob Byrne

Trailer and Gameplay

Born from a game jam hit


The game´s origin? We entered Wizard Jam and made The Bear´s Black Heart over the course of two weeks. It was a surprise hit and Woodland Run is a spin off from that game. Think of it like ¨Pacman & Bomberman meet a Hungarian folk tale¨. It´s a cute, all ages game but there is something slightly unsettling about it. I think it's the Fairy.

It's a intricate and challenging game even for gifted Gamers and grizzled Arcade veterans. 


We'd been working on another game called Big Bad Spanish for the previous year. It was the first game we worked on together, and my first time doing any real game dev. Its such a big project that I think by the time we were one year in we realised it was probably too big for just the two of us to handle. So after the response to Bear's Black Heart we decided to make Woodland Run. Get a shipped game on the books and rebuild our enthusiasm before moving back to Big Bad Spanish. Of course, in the meantime I've had 17 ideas for other games.

The making of the game


We wanted to make a fast, one touch game but with a Choose Your Own Adventure element. Something that my girlfriend and little brother would be into. I also wanted to work on something smaller and get through the development cycle before burning out on the game.


Yeah absolutely, this is the first project I've made in years which my wife, nephew and best friends show any interest in. 

Trivia Mode?


When we realised the adventure stuff didn't really fit into the arcade format we morphed it into Trivia Mode where the player solves riddles and answers questions. So you can test your thumb reflexes in Arcade or use Trivia to make you feel brainier/stupider. 


You’ll be THAT fella in the office annoying people with riddles. Trivia Mode is challenging. I think younger players will abuse it...if a parent tells them to stop playing they can retort with "but it's an educational game!".

Favourite parts of the game?


Killing Baddies with the Pea-Zooka Spell. We need to add an Achievement if you can get three Hunters at the same time. I love anything involving Sprinters too...Abban picked the perfect laugh for him. So infuriating when he kills you! You just want to get back in straight away and take revenge on him.


Watching other people having a good time playing it.

Irish language version?


We're both Irish and we're both living abroad now so we're conscious about treating Irish as equally as German, Spanish, even Chinese when it comes to localisation. And its not just UI and menu stuff; lots of the Trivia questions are Irish-centric.

About Big Bad Studios

Founded in 2017 by Irish lads Abban and Bob. Woodland Run is the company’s first commercial release. Forthcoming titles include the immersive language learning game BIG Bad Spanish and a two-player casual game.